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     The Song and The Song and Dance Group of Hrubieszów Region was created in 1987 by the Culture House in Hrubieszów. The main aim of that place is to gather children and young people from the local schools.
Since the very beginning, it was Mrs. Grażyna Temporowicz who created the group and gave it unique quality. She is a choreographer, an artistic director and a social worker as well. She is a wonderful organizer, an outstanding culture activist. Her great enthusiasm makes a lot of people from young generation share her passion. Thanks to her, they fall in love with folk culture.
    At present, the folk band consists of five groups, which makes the number of one hundred twenty people. Since the time it was created, it has educated one thousand five hundred dancers.
    The artistic achievements of this folk group were presented in Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Czech, Germany, Vatican City, Lithuania, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Slovakia, Cyprus, Italy, Sardinia, Sicilia, Croatia, Holland, France and Peru. Altogether, it has performed in twenty one countries of Europe, in some of them, several times. No matter where they are, they always win peoples' hearts by the beauty of presented art, joy and professionalism. As for the music, the folk band performs it. The repertoire of the group can be described with two words: plenty and variety of presented folklore. It includes: lubelskie, podlaskie, chełmskie, rzeszowskie, przeworskie, lasowieckie, ¶l±skie, wielkopolskie, highlanders Spisz, Lachów s±deckich, highlanders' and Żywiec dances which come from different local areas, as well as Polish national dances. What is more, the members of the band can also present various dances which come from different European countries. The artistic skills of the young dancers are emphasized by carefully chosen national costumers.     For the last 30 years this folk group has won numerous awards not only in Poland but also in Europe as well. Thanks to this group, the song titled "Hrubieszowska Ty Ziemico" became really popular with the inhabitants of our region. It proudly represents Hrubieszów land in all kinds of local, all-Poland and international ceremonies and celebrations. No matter where it performs, it is always given a warm welcome and praised.     In 2000 The Song and Dance Group of Hrubieszów Region visited the Pope - John Paul II in Vatican City.
    As for more achievements of the group, it should be also mentioned that TV has recorded some of their performances and what is more, they recorded a CD "Zagraj mi muzycko". For many years, it has been an organizer of international folklore meetings "Europa na ludowo".
    Since 1998, it has been the member of C.I.O.F.F.
    The Song and Dance Group of Hrubieszów Region - is a wonderful ambassador of Polish culture. It reflects the beauty and precious ideas. It is the symbol of the most valuable national traditions. rowicz is the founter, artistic manager and choreographer of The Folk Group.